Friday, October 3, 2014


We are thankful that we made it on the list but it is low on the schedule list. If this bill is to ever pass it must be now, and we must give it all we've got.

The House and Senate Leadership are discussing what bills are priority. Too many bills, so little time! We need to call these lawmakers today in this order asking them to pass HB1013.

Tell Senators Pileggi and Scarnati to make HB1013 a priority for discussion and voting on the Senate Floor.

Since it was amended, we need to urge Rep. Turzai (House Majority Leader) to ask the Senate to get the bill back to the House ASAP so they can vote on it. His office may downplay their influence but he is a key player in moving the bill forward.

The remaining 5 session days left are October 6, 7, 8, 14 and 15. If our bill is not voted on by then, it is dead.


Senator Dominic Pileggi - Senate Majority Floor Leader
Capitol - (717) 787-4712
Glen Mills - (610) 358-5183 
Chester - (610) 447-5845

Senator Joseph Scarnati III - Senate President Pro Tempore 
Capitol - (717) 787-7084 
Brockway - (814) 265-2030 
Wellsboro - (570) 724-5231 
Kane - (814) 837-1026 

Representative Mike Turzai - House Majority Leader
Capitol - (717) 772-9943 
McCandless - (412) 369-2230

After calling these three, call your local State Senator to be sure they support you and vote for it at the Floor.

NOTE: Make these phone calls first, then send hand-written letters on hand-addressed envelopes. Next are emails - subject line it with Please Pass HB1013, the Homeschool Bill

The most important to them however are visits from their constituents!

Thank you for all your hard work. There is nothing too difficult with our God and He is on our side. Homeschooling is near and dear to His heart so go with courage and confidence!  

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