Friday, October 3, 2014


Please tweak the language below to fit your own style and situation, then simply copy & paste into an email and send to the senators below. We STRONGLY encourage you to send the emails BCC:  ("Blind Carbon Copy") so it's not a massive email and any bounce backs will be easier to fix.

SUBJECT LINE: Please Pass HB1013 - the Homeschool Bill

Dear Senator,

I’m a homeschool (parent, graduate, supporter, etc) and I am contacting you regarding House Bill 1013, which was passed in the House in June.

You may not know that currently, Pennsylvania homeschool graduates do NOT receive state-issued high school diplomas, despite the fact that all graduating homeschool students must meet or exceed Pennsylvania's homeschooling requirements.  This causes undue difficulties for homeschool graduates when applying to colleges, joining the military, and applying for employment.  Passing HB 1013 will eliminate discrimination against homeschool students who have completed all the state Education Department's requirements by allowing them to receive a state-issued diploma.

HB 1013 alleviates the requirement that school district superintendents perform redundant, time-consuming and expensive second-evaluations of homeschool students’ portfolios, which are already thoroughly evaluated by a professional with credentials which are spelled out by existing PA homeschool laws.  HB 1013 will save school districts and tax payers time and money by not having to re-review hundreds of homeschool portfolios, and will save homeschool families from having to spend extra time and money delivering and picking up portfolios before and after superintendent review.

As a constituent, I request that you will support and pass HB 1013 in the Senate without any amendments.  This bill received bi-partisan support when it passed in the House and there is already confirmed bi-partisan support in the Senate.  I would appreciate if you would also confirm your support for this bill.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Sincerely yours,


We tried to accurately compile their email addresses following a pattern but it's not always accurate, and some ask that you contact them via their website. They're grouped so it's easier to track and fix bounce backs.

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SET 2 - 13 REPUBLICANS,,,,,,,,,,,,,

SET 3 - 11 DEMOCRATS,,,,,,,,,,,

SET 4 - 12 DEMOCRATS,,,,,,,,,,,,


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