Saturday, September 20, 2014


Praise the Lord! HB1013 in on the agenda at the Education Committee
If you want to attend and be a part of history in the making, be there!
               Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 11:00 AM
               Room 8E-A, East Wing of the Capitol
       consider Senate Bills No. 898 and 1361; Senate Resolution No. 345; 
                              and House Bills No. 1013, 1801 and 2049
               Click here to see a map of the Capitol.
                You may also watch the session live here. 

This is the fruit of prayer and efforts toward seeing our Pennsylvania Homeschool law improved through passage of HB 1013! Continue to pray the bill is favorably voted for in the Education Committee as is - no amendments. 


1 - Thank Senator Mike Folmer, the Committee Chair, for putting HB1013 on the schedule but insist that they concur the bill and pass it without any amendments so the passage is not delayed.

Sen. Mike Folmer

2 - We do have opposition and we need to be the more persistent and a tenacious voice. So, keep the pressure on and contact every Senate Education Committee member.

3 - Continue contacting your local State Senator. Get them to commit to supporting the bill when it comes to a full Senate vote. Urge them to advocate for your parental rights to educate your own children the best way you know.

3 - Be informed and use our resources when you call, email or visit them.  Read: CHAP's Lobbying Tips for Families, Why We Need to Change Our Law, PotentialTax Payer Savings - if we pass the law, and our comparison map and homeschool requirements chart, including How To Talk To Your Legislator.

4 - It's time to contact Senate leadership. We want them to be well educated about the bill and what it's like to homeschool in Pennsylvania. Common sense tells us that our state laws are redundant and discriminatory of parents when 48 others states have so much less restrictions.

We need you to reach out to Senator Joseph Scarnati in particular. He is a key player as President Pro Tempore and Member ex-officio of all Standing Committees. We also need to contact Senator Dominic Pileggi since he regulates legislative flow. The bill will go through 3 considerations before a full Senate vote. With only 8 sessions days left, we need him to advocate for us against any attempt to stop the vote or slow down the process - such as in the case of an amendment. We want a concurrence vote and NO AMENDMENTS.

Sen. Joseph Scarnati

Sen. Dominic Pileggi

Thank you for standing with CHAP in protecting our freedoms.

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