Wednesday, April 8, 2015


There is some new legislation proposed that everyone should be aware about. 

In the law, the homeschool affidavit requirements include "evidence that the child has been immunized in accordance with the provisions of section 1303(a) ...."

The new legislation does not change this at all - but it does change the parts of the law about immunization, which the law says homeschoolers must follow. Therefore, it will affect some homeschoolers.

Specifically, the changes will affect homeschoolers who file vaccination exemptions. Under current law and policy, parents have been able to get three types of exemptions - medical, religious, or philosophical. The new law proposes changes to each of these exemptions.

For medical exemptions, the change would allow a "health care provider" to give medical exemptions, rather than limiting this to a physician. This change would mean anyone who is legally able to administer vaccines would be able to certify a medical exemption.

The religious exemptions have the most changes. 

Change #1 - The religious exemption must now be "requested." 

Change #2 - Religious exemptions must be "applied" for via an affidavit. The affidavit must include a list of required vaccines. 

Change #3 - The application process for a religious exemption requires parents to meet with a "health care provider" who will be required to tell parents the medical benefits of vaccinating and the medical risks of not vaccinating. [Note: The law does NOT require the health care provider to tell parents the risks of vaccinating, i.e. which vaccines cannot be given if there is an egg allergy]. 

Change #4 - The aforementioned health care provider must sign the religious exemption affidavit, and provide the date the information was given to the parent. 

Change #5 - Parents will have to specify on the affidavit which vaccines they are requesting to be exempt from based on the list (parents can chose all the vaccines listed). 

The philosophical exemption is eliminated entirely. 

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