Wednesday, June 25, 2014


To achieve our goal of passing HB 1013 and to educate our legislature, we are ramping up our contact with legislators:

·         We launched an Email Blitz on Monday and it is still ongoing.
You may email us to get the data base of legislators to contact and there is a sample script online.

·         Thursday, June 26, we will create a Phone Blitz and we ask folks to donate at least one hour between 9AM and 4PM to call legislators to discuss the importance of homeschooling and passing HB 1013. The same sample script can also be used for these calls.

·         Please "Like" us on Facebook if you haven't already, so you can enjoy the variety of fun and encouraging posts CHAP provides daily; as well as stay informed on the events such as these HB1013 Blitzes. CHAP will have a special Phone Blitz post on Facebook so we can post live updates and encourage one another as we work through calling the list of House members that we've put together.

·         On Friday, June 27, please join our Info Blitz at the Capitol to visit as many legislators as possible. Folders will be ready to distribute with information and facts to help educate our legislators about HB1013 as well as about homeschooling! We will meet at 9AM at the Main Rotunda. Email us if you are interested in coming -- and bringing others! We're going to show them Christian courtesy and have fun at the same time! 

So many of you are still working diligently with us. Before this is all done, every legislator will have gotten emailed, called, and hopefully, visited by a homeschooling family. 

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We are petitioning Governor Corbett to get the legislature 
to pass the bill; and have it on this desk by October 15. 

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