Thursday, June 26, 2014


We are ecstatic and thankful to God for bringing the bill this far; and for all of you who have done what you can, plus more to help.

We received confirmation from Representative Mark Gillen that House Bill 1013 was added to the agenda for tomorrow, Friday, the 27th of June. This is the second consideration vote. It is unknown when the debate will begin but the House is in session at 10:00 AM and it will be conducted in the Floor of the House.

If we win, the final vote could come as early as Sunday or Monday, depending upon when they are in session next. If it passes the House, the next 3 steps are in the Senate, before it gets to the Governor's desk for signature.  

The House is in session through the weekend until Monday, and scheduled to go into recess July 1 IF the budget passes. They return into session at the Capitol on the last week of September.

Continue to call (leave messages) or email the House members so they get more positive support for HB1013 in the morning. We will still make some Info Blitz as a final push to secure the votes at 9AM.

Pray for Rep. Mark Gillen to be filled with God's wisdom  -- for power and favor before everyone. 

The schedule is uncertain but you can watch the process live stream either through PCN or the State's website.

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