Monday, June 23, 2014


[An e-mail can be sent to multiple recipients and can be done at any time that works for you. We provide this sample text but feel free to tweak it and add your personal thoughts and story -- why you support HB1013. If you want to take on reaching out to everybody in the General Assembly, we have the data base but you have ask for it by emailing]

SUBJECT LINE: Please support HB1013

Hello! My name is  ______________________  and I am reaching out to all members of the legislature to respectfully ask you to vote and support House Bill 1013. I would also ask that you urge the leadership in the House to put HB1013 to a vote real soon.

The bill has 3 basic benefits: 1) homeschoolers will no longer have to be re-evaluated and submit our portfolios to the school district; 2) the bill will bring recognition of parent issued diplomas who are in compliance to the law; 3) it will allow continued home education while addressing grievances between the school district and the parents. 

HB1013 was just voted out of Committee and I would like to see it be put on the schedule for the Full House to discuss and vote on. May I ask you to support this bill and encourage the leadership to put it on the agenda?

Thank you for your consideration and God bless you for your service.

(Phone Number) 

[The impact is greater if you follow it up with phone calls.]

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Other Talking points:
  • School district portfolio re-evaluation is unnecessary because we are thoroughly assessed by a state credentialed evaluator beforehand.
  • HB1013 will strengthen school choice by diminishing hurdles for loving parents who wish to raise and educate their own children.
  • HB1013 removes the discrimination against parent directed, privately funded home-based schooling.
  • PA currently has the second most restrictive homeschooling laws in the nation.
  • HB1013 will save taxpayers millions
  • Homeschool students do well in states with or without regulation. 

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  1. Thank you Moore family, for your continued faithfulness.