Thursday, April 3, 2014


These are from friends' cell phones and camera. There were other families who came, who drove from far distances and were not able to stay for the townhall meeting. Hopefully, we'll get more pictures that include everybody and add them here. If you lobbied with us and took some shots you're willing to share, just email those pictures to; and if they're posted on facebook, friend Chap Legislative Coordinators and tag us. We ask for your permission to post them in public.

Thank you all for coming and standing with us for lesser homeschool mandates. Thank you for all the yummy looking home baked goods for our legislators that some staffers couldn't help but want for themselves (smiles). It is possible that they're unaccustomed to sweetened lobby efforts but they know that we will keep the pressure on the Education Committee, its chair and the Majority Leadership to vote this bill out of committee and into the full House floor. We will not let up.

If your school superintendent is homeschool friendly and favors HB1013 appeal for their support. You may have to print them a copy of the bill and to calm their concerns, show them page 3, starting at line 21 in particular. Then, ask them to call Rep. Clymer (717) 783-3154)  telling him that he or she is a school superintendent who approves the passage of HB1013. Rep. Clymer needs to hear from superintendents who support the bill.

Onward and forward!

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