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[Updated on June 4, 2014]

The current homeschool law was passed in 1988, 25 years ago, at a time when there was a great deal of skepticism about the viability of homeschooling as an educational option. As a result, Pennsylvania’s law remains one of the most restrictive in the nation, second only to New York. Homeschoolers in Pennsylvania have tried for over 10 years to get relief from the oppressive requirements of the current law. It is time for Pennsylvania to join the majority of states that have enacted laws that do not demand unreasonable and unnecessary government oversight of parents teaching their children at home.

On March 15, 2013, Rep. Mark Gillen introduced House Bill 1013, legislation that would:

Eliminate the public school superintendent’s review of portfolios;

Require superintendents to accept an evaluator’s determination that 
an appropriate education is occurring in the home education program;

• Provide for an administrative procedure to resolve any claim by 
the superintendent that the parent has failed to comply with 
any aspect of the homeschool law;

• Ensure that the home education program may continue during the time 
of any appeal of an adverse ruling by a hearing examiner; and

• Require that a high school diploma issued by the supervisor 
of a home education program be recognized the same as a diploma 
issued by the commonwealth.

To help homeschoolers know who among our representatives support home education, we will keep an updated list of the bill's supporters on this link.

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Rep. Mark M. Gillen - PRIME SPONSOR
District 128
Republican, serving Berks County (Part) 

Rep. Ryan P. Aument
District 41
Republican, serving Lancaster County (Part)

Rep. Jim Cox
District 129 Map
Republican, serving Berks County (Part) 

Rep. Gordon Denlinger
District 99
Republican, serving Lancaster County (Part)

Rep. Jaret Gibbons
District 10
Democrat, serving Beaver County (Part), 
Butler County (Part), Lawrence County (Part)

Rep. Mauree Gingrich
District 101
Republican, serving Lebanon County (Part)

Rep. Rob Kauffman
District 89
Republican, serving Cumberland County (Part),
Franklin County (Part)

Rep. John Lawrence
District 13
Republican, serving Chester County (Part)

Rep. Kurt Masser
District 107
Republican, serving Columbia County (Part), 
Montour County, Northumberland County (Part)

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe
District 12
Republican, serving Butler County (Part)

Rep. David R. Millard
District 109
Republican, serving Columbia County (Part)

Rep. Harry Readshaw
District 36
Democrat, serving Allegheny County (Part)

Rep. Will Tallman
District 193
Republican, serving Adams County (Part), York County (Part)

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Rep. Tim Mahoney
District 51
Democrat, serving Fayette County (Part)

Rep. Todd Rock
District 90
Republican, serving Franklin County (Part)

Rep. Jerry Stern
District 80
Republican, serving Blair County (Part)

Rep. Kerry Benninghoff
District 171
Republican, serving Centre County (Part), Mifflin County (Part)

Rep. Stephen Bloom
District 199
Republican, serving Cumberland County (Part)

Rep. Susan Helm
District 104
Republican, serving Dauphin County (Part)

Rep. Jesse Topper
District 78
Republican, serving Bedford County (Part), 
Fulton County, Huntingdon County (Part)

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Added, June 4, 2014

Rep. Mike Carroll
District 118
Democrat, serving Luzerne County (Part), Monroe County (Part)

District 15
Republican, serving Beaver County (Part)

District 179
Democrat, serving Philadelphia

Rep. Paul Clymer
District 145
Republican, serving Bucks County (Part) 

District 137 
Republican, serving Northampton County (Part)

District 30
Republican, serving Allegheny County (Part)

District 196
Republican, serving York County (Part)

District 29
Republican, serving Bucks County (Part)

District 65
Republican, serving Forest County, McKean County (Part), Warren County

District 59
Republican, serving in Fayette County (Part), Westmoreland County (Part)

District 131
Republican, serving Lehigh County (Part), Northampton County (Part)

District 156
Republican, serving Chester County (Part)

District 19
Democrat, serving Allegheny County (Part)

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[The sequence is as they come]

Rep. Marcy Toepel
District 147
Republican, serving Montgomery County (Part)

District 17

Republican, serving Crawford County (Part), Lawrence County (Part), Mercer County (Part)

Rep. Richard R. Stevenson
District 08
Republican, serving Butler County (Part), Mercer County (Part)

District 100
Republican, serving Lancaster County (Part)

Rep. Michael P. McGeehan
District 173
Democrat, serving Philadelphia County (Part)

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